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Great novel cover from pulp literature

I love pulp literature. Some of my favorite authors are Raymond Chandler, whom wrote the big sleed, and HP Lovecraft. The call of the cathulu is a work of genius. It can be hard to read decades after it was written if for no other reason the it seems we are desensitived in modern culture. Its very rare that we can be shocked since it seems most shocking or edgy literature preys upon the taboo of culture in order to capture us, hold us hostage, make us feel something new or exciting. The more media focuses on the taboo the more we become desensitized, broken unable to feel as strongly as we once felt. You can read more and find this image on wikipedia here

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These are some of my favorite novel images from around the internet. The art is vary characteristic of pulp literature and fiction. Its a form of branding.

Spicy Detective Story image

Sexuality is part of the pulp fiction world, as well as pastel colors and rough quick brush strokes.

More idolization of the female body in novel cover

Once again, you can see that the branding of the novel matches the pulp genre

close love me sailor

You will note that even the book touts its controversial tone


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You may not believe it, but you can make a range of attractive jewelry pieces from abandoned items from your garments wardrobe. All you need is an innovative mind and a passion to craft unique and simple jewelry pieces from home.

Blooming Rings

You can make these beautiful rings with colorful ribbons and vintage fabric flowers from your old (probably childhood) dresses. First, snip the flowers from the dresses carefully. Wrap the colored ribbon around your finger to measure the length you will need. Add ¼” for overlap and cut the ribbon to size. Form a loop by joining the ribbon ends by a hot-gun glue. Use the same glue to add the flowers onto the band. These rings look nice on children, but the grown-ups can also wear them with light and cheerful attires.

Ribbon Brooch Bracelet

You can make a beautiful ribbon bracelet by adding as its centerpiece an unused or vintage brooch. Just make sure that the bracelet ribbon is made of a thick material so that it can support the weight of the brooch. Double faced satin or velvet are ideal ribbon materials for these easy-to-make bracelets, and other Paparazzi Jewelry.

T-shirt Necklace

Had you ever thought that that abandoned piece of t-shirt you had stopped wearing years ago could be turned into a beautiful and funky looking necklace? Well, here is how. Cut off and discard the sleeves and the hem. Put the body of the t-shirt onto a flat surface and use a rotary cutter to cut strips (loops, to be exact) of about ¾” long. Pull the strips open and stretch them until they start to curl. Stack the strip on top of one another. Once you have got the desired thickness, use a discarded piece of fabric (6″ long) from the same shirt to wrap the side seams.

You can make many other simple and recycled jewelry items by modifying and innovating on the methods described above.

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Red blotches on a person’s skin can be annoying. I have had to use make up and blemish concealers to make my face presentable for many occasions. Even as an adult, I have had to use makeup to cover red splotches and blemishes that occurred from time to time. It took me a while to find a product that cleared my complexion. I did not expect it to be Juniper Desert’s brown sugar scrub.


When we get our first zit in our teenage years, we are told to avoid sugary substances. I was as skeptical as anyone else.  I would not have tried it if I were not desperate. I know that this has not been a ringing endorsement of the brown sugar scrub product so far, but I tried it any way. After I read the instructions carefully, I applied it to my face.


No facial scrub improves a person’s skin condition overnight. It takes a few repeated applications before a user sees significant results, but I saw my complexion improve after three uses. My skin was lighter, my pores were cleaner and I needed to apply less makeup.


I treated the product’s claims with skepticism. It is a common reaction, but after doing some research on the product I found the science behind it was sound. I decided to try it anyway. I am now glad that I did. I reap the benefits vey day I look into a mirror. I do not always need to look good for that special someone, but it is always nice to look my best.  If I do need to look my best for a romantic encounter, I make sure to use it before heading out for the evening. I wish I had a before and after picture so I could show you the results.


Information has been taken from

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Unfortunately, not every home based business turns out to be successful. In order to achieve success businesses need to have a reasonable amount of regular customers. Online businesses will have to have a lot of traffic to reach this goal. Thankfully, traffic goals can be met with the help of internet marketing.

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is the practice of promoting a website at other online venues. If this is done correctly, marketers will attract more visitors to the site that they are promoting. When push comes to shove, more visitors means more online sales. Listed below are some tips and tricks webmasters can use to create an effective marketing campaign.

–  Identify the website’s target audience.
–  Find ways to reach this audience.
–  Find out what competitors are up to and try to make the website or product appear more appealing than the competition.
–  Try to cross-sell and up-sell products to current customers.
–  Use SEO to optimize the website.

There are countless search engine optimization and online marketing companies on the internet. In exchange for a small fee, these companies can market websites on behalf of the webmaster. Many people are reluctant to use these services as they can market their site themselves for free. However, it is worth noting that internet marketing is a time consuming task. In fact, some people consider it to be a full-time job. Those who hire a company to do the work on their behalf will be able to focus on other areas of their business.

There is no doubt that online marketing is effective. As there are billions of websites on the internet, webmasters need to make sure that their site stands out from the crowd. The best way to do this is to market it effectively.

Ontra Studios has a wealth of great information on internet marketing.

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